Brookdale Men's Cross Country Are Back-To-Back Region 19 Champions!

Brookdale Men's Cross Country Are Back-To-Back Region 19 Champions!

Newark, DE - The Brookdale men's cross country team has done it again! The Jersey Blues topped all in the Region XIX Championships at the White Clay Creek State Park in Newark, Delaware, for the second year in a row. This is the first cross country team to ever become back-to-back region champions in Brookdale's history. 

Coming in 1st place overall, the first Brookdale individual runner to win back-to-back Region XIX Championships, on top of beating his course personal record by 11 seconds, was sophomore, Theodore Purdon, with a time of 28:00 minutes. Coming in 7th overall, 2nd for the Blues, with the best race of his career at 30:22, and beating his course personal record by 2:24 was freshman, Casey Brown. Brown was in an intense battle with RCSJ-Gloucester's #2 runner and was able to pull the lead over their #3. Sophomore, Josh Seba, who has been the most consistent runner all year for Brookdale, finished in 9th place with a 30:55 time.

After the first loop around the course, the Jersey Blues were about two points behind. With a half mile remaining, it was an epic fight to the finish. Brookdale was able to overcome the deficit when sophomore, Joshua Beer, and freshman, Jayden Morris, passed RCSJ-Gloucester's 4th runner which clinched the victory for the Blues. Beer came in 10th, surpassing his course personal record by 53 seconds at 31:48, and Morris came through huge, finishing in 13th place at 32:19. 

To complete the win, freshman Matt Newman, finished 21st at 35:40, and ran over 1.5 minutes of his course personal best. Following Newman was freshman Joshua Cabral in 24th place, timing in at 38:52, while finishing three minutes faster than his course personal record. Closing the win, beating his course personal record by over four minutes, was freshman Aeshawn Carney. Carney crossed the line in 40:44 for 27th place. Following the meet, Head Coach Mike Tursi, said, "This was a total team effort and the best win I've had in my 34 years of coaching. This is as good as it gets." 

Brookdale will travel to Holyoke, MA for the NJCAA DIII National Championship at Stanley Park on Saturday, November 5th, at 11:00am.