Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Vision, Mission, Values Statements


Brookdale, the County College of Monmouth, is a dynamic community college system committed to student success, lifelong learning, economic development and the common good of society. Brookdale Community College plays a transformative role in our community, providing educational, cultural and professional programs and offerings to enable, empower and inspire community members to fulfill their aspirations to the best of their ability.


Brookdale Community College provides a comprehensive array of quality, affordable educational choices leading to transfer and career opportunities, access to post-associate learning, lifelong learning, and community development. Brookdale is an open-access, future-oriented institution committed to student success and development in a socially diverse environment.


These Values guide the Brookdale community in the fulfillment of our Mission; each being of equal weight and importance.

One Brookdale

Brookdale Community College values the philosophy of One Brookdale. One Brookdale represents a collective commitment by all employees to demonstrate a consistent, appropriate and comparable level of teaching and service excellence throughout the entire College, across all locations, creating a dynamic synergy of intent and action focused on student success.

Students and Student Success

Brookdale Community College values our students and their academic and personal success; their achievement is the hallmark of our mission.

Excellence in Teaching and Support Services

Brookdale Community College values teaching and service excellence and prepares learners with a broad range of knowledge, skills, and experiences through open access to a wide variety of diverse programs, services and experiences.


Brookdale Community College values the diversity among the members of our community and chooses to build an inclusive, innovative and creative environment representative of a successful multicultural society.


Brookdale Community College values our good name; placing fairness and honesty at the forefront as we assess and implement our policies, practices and plans. Operating within our culture of assessment, accreditation processes are embraced as a learning experience supporting the College’s ability to sustain excellence and demonstrate accountability.